Wednesday, February 4, 2009


or, An Old Rhyme Re-envisioned

I once knew a lass from Tacoma
Whose twat had a wondrous aroma.
When the lads took a whiff
About half would get stiff.
The rest would fall into a coma.

Tacoma, WA, with a population of almost 200,000, is the third largest city in the state (gathered from Wikipedia). It sits on the beautiful Puget Sound, along the slightly-less-beautiful I-5. For many years, it was famed for its distinctive smell, the "Tacoma aroma" which I have here reworked into a pussy joke. Tacoma is also home to the University of Puget Sound, a college to which I applied but did not attend. Tacoma's name comes from a Native American name for Mt. Rainier (gathered from my beloved Washington State Place Names by James W. Phillips).

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  1. I went to UPS and, trust me, you didn't miss much. Tacoma is also the ass-and-armpit of WA. Blech.