Wednesday, February 4, 2009


A charming young fellow from Kent
Has a cock that is wonderfully bent.
For g-spot stimulation
Accept no imitation--
Take only the dick with the dent.

Kent, WA, pop. approx. 83,501 in 2006 (Wikipedia), is an outlying suburb southeast of Seattle. "Kent" may seem like a boring name, especially in comparison to the settlement's original name of "Titusville", but it was an attempt to link the town's then-booming hop growing industry to the hop center of England (thanks again to Washington State Place Names).


  1. I am somewhat dissatisfied with your metrical choices in lines 3 and 4, but the rhyme is just so good that I can't complain.

  2. Meter has been on my mind as I edit some of my backlog for posting. I'm as of yet undecided about exactly how much freedom I'll allow myself with rhythm. In my defense, I feel there's a great tradition in the limerick of torturing both scansion and natural speech patterns. At the very least, obviously, I make certain that lines 1, 2 and 5 should have three stresses each and lines 3 and 4 should have two stresses. I also find that the poem sounds better to me if 3 and 4 scan similarly, even if doesn't strictly adhere to the form.

  3. My other half (who hails from Washington State) heard this one differently growing up:
    There once was a fellow from Kent
    Whose dick was quite awkward - it bent!
    To save himself trouble
    He put it in double
    And instead of coming, he went