Thursday, February 19, 2009


or, I Try my Hand at Product Placement

There once was a gal from Wenatchee
Whose snatch was so dry it was scratchy.
To improve lubrication
(And enjoy the sensation)
She purchased a wand from Hitachi.

Wenatchee (pop. 27,856 in 2000) sits at the meeting of the Wenatchee and Columbia Rivers in Central Washington (Wikipedia). It is perhaps best known for its many apple orchards, producing apples enjoyed around the world (ibid). The city's name comes from the Wenatchee tribe who inhabited the area, whose name in turn means "great opening in the mountains", referring to the Tumwater Canyon where the Wenatchee River pushes through the Cascade Mountains (Brokenshire).

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  1. Saw this and thought of you!

    There was a young parson of Goering,
    Who made a small hole in the flooring;
    He lined it all round,
    Then laid on the ground,
    And declared it was cheaper than whoring.