Wednesday, February 11, 2009


or, Yes, That "E" Really is Silent

A very cool hipster from Sequim
Never had a sincere bone in him.
He'd ironically fuck
And sarcastically suck;
It was all tongue-in-cheek when he'd rim.

Sequim, WA (pop. 5951) sits on the northern coast of the Olympic Peninsula. Unlike most of the area, Sequim receives very little rainfall, approximately 16 inches a year (Weather Information from Sequim's Tourism Site), and quite a bit of sunlight, due to it's position in the rain shadow of the Olympics (Sequim Wikipedia). For this reason, it is prime lavender growing country, and claims to be the "lavender capital of North America". Sequim hosts an annual Lavender Festival. The town's name comes from the native word "such-e-kwai-ing", which means "quiet water" (Washington State Place Names).