Friday, March 13, 2009

Castle Rock

or, Why, Yes, So You Think You Can Dance IS one of my Favorite TV Shows

A street dancer from Castle Rock
Has mastered the cock pop-and-lock.
He's worked to perfect it,
But if you don't expect it,
The cock pop-and-lock's quite a shock.

Castle Rock (pop. 2,130 in 2000) is a town in southwestern Washington, approximately 60 miles north of Portland, OR (Wikipedia). The town is named after a local 190 foot volcanic rock formation which resembles a castle (Phillips). The city's motto is "The Gateway to Mt. St. Helens", due to its proximity to the mountain (Washington Sec. of State Homepage). At one time Castle Rock had a thriving sawmill and timber industry, but today it is primarily a bedroom community (ibid).

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